RCV Axle.

PROBLEM: The conventional U-joint axle assembly allows the shaft to oscillate outside of center axis. This will cause the outer shaft to rotate irregularly from the input of the inner shaft when at angle. The result of this will cause your tire to speed up and slow every rotation. This may not seem significant, but at the outside of a large tire it will begin to affect performance. 

SOLUTION: The constant velocity (CV) joint is designed to overcome the strength and binding issues associated with a u-joint front axle shaft. Engine torque is spread over six bearings, rather than the two bearing cups of a U-joint. Thereby distributing force over a larger surface area and making the CV joint intrinsically stronger. The design of the CV joint allows it to always assume a position that makes equal angles with the input and output shafts. So, when the joint is operating at an angle, the shaft speeds remain constant - hence the term “Constant Velocity”. The CV joint allows smooth application of power while the steering wheel is turned, which maximizes traction between the tire and the ground. There is no oscillation felt through the steering wheel, and the resultant smoothness is easy on driveline components.

• RCV Dana 44 axle set is effectively as strong as a Dana 60, without the extra weight or loss of ground clearance
• 100% strength at full steering lock (up to ~40 degrees on JK Dana 44 applications)
• Made in the USA
• Lifetime Warranty
• Less maintenance – gun drilled for easy greasing
• Direct OEM replacement means easy install
• Smooth operation, no “crow hop” from u-joint axle oscillation or binding in 4wd
• Proprietary heat treat for maximum strength

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